Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ainsley's First Fear

It was a lovely day in Toronto today and Ainsley, Juliet and I hung out in the backyard and watched Aunty Panda plant fruits and vegetables. Everything was going well until two HUGE bees joined us. For the first time in Ainsley's life she was really scared. She usually embraces new experiences. She has never been afraid of animals or insects but for some reason she is really scared of bees.

She does not get the from anything I've said to her as this was the first time I had seen a bee with her and I don't react. I asked my husband and he hasn't seen a bee with her yet either although he is afraid of bees. So I wonder if this in an innate reaction or if she heard someone at school freak out when they saw a bee. I guess we will never know but I hope she get over this fear as she would not leave my lap for the rest of our time outside. Kind of tough when you have a 5 month old as well :>.

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