Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Thursday, October 29, 2009

H1N1 - stands for I'm in hell

I am going to have a bit of a rant now due to my increasing frustration with this H1N1 vaccination roll out. I apologize but I just cannot believe how ridiculous this campaign has been handled.

Brett went today to the North York Civic Centre in Toronto for the first day of the "high risk group" clinic. It opened at noon but people lined up hours before. Brett got there at 1:30 and already the health care workers were setting up an end of the line as they would not have enough to go around.

The gov't has been warning us of the Swine flu threat for months now and urging us to get vaccinated when the vaccine became available. Yet, the vaccine is now "available" but it is almost impossible to get. Who was the brilliant thinker behind only having 10 flu clinics for a population of 2 million??? Not to mention all the red tape that doctors have to jump through to get a supply to give out to their patients.

I cannot believe the line ups or the fact that there is not enough vaccines to go around. I even called around to see if anyone had heard of a black market vaccination clinic. Now there's a thought.....

I'm hoping that the gov't will smarten up and open more clinics with longer hours and get the vaccination to the people. What use is a vaccination if only a small percentage of people can get it?


  1. Lindsay, I couldn't agree with you more. I gave up on Toronto and went to Halton to get my shot with my two girls. The clinic there was incredibly organized and they worked very well with the police and support staff to make the day a success. I know it's not right for me to go to a city where I don't reside however with a two month old baby, I felt I had no choice. I'm not really sure where my tax dollars are going but I can be damn sure they aren't working for me or my family. Good luck with getting the shot for your family.

  2. Just saw your blog featured in an article titled "Temperatures rise as 'flu rage' explodes across Canada" at and wanted to say I feel your frustration. Not only are non priority people being taken before the at risk groups but its so poorly organized. Ottawa has quite a few for instance started today in a rural part of Ottawa, the clinic started at 2:30 pm...the clinic was no longer accepting patients at 10:30 am...

    I am beyond frustrated being a mother of two, and also part of the high risk group myself to be turned away. We had one son who almost lost his life to H1N1 as well.

    I hope a solution is found soon and as well your family recieves their shots.

    Cheers and thanks so much for the comment, I don't feel so alone.

  3. The US Government has learned from Katrina that it is the government basic and primary responsibility to take care of the basic needs of its population. That is why Obama declared the emeregency measures for H1N1. However, I think our government has rolled the dice on this issue.

    How many more deaths will happen before Ottawa reacts appropiately to Canada's Katrina. I have 3 kids all under 6 and I am scared and my oldest girl is also scared about this. I am so MAD.

  4. Good On You Lindsay Harris. Just a rant...funny how there are always enough polling stations, ballots, and SPACE when it comes to election time. You won't ever hear them say..."sorry we've run out of ballots" But.....when it comes to our health ..well I guess we know where we stand