Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School Shopping - Part 2

I am really getting excited about my trip to Buffalo with Ainsley. She is excited but she has yet to experience a real shopping spree. I have gone through her closet this weekend and pulled out clothes that are two small or in rough shape and I have determined which clothes can make the transition into fall and which will be put away for next summer.

As mentioned in my last Back To School post, I have a list for both of us so we have a good idea what we need. Of course, I am sure we will find some cute things that neither of us need but will treat ourselves to it anyways. I haven't been shopping in awhile and I need to get some business type attire. I will be attending more sales, conferences and work related functions this fall so I must have options and sweat pants just don't cut it.

The main goal of this trip is for clothing but I couldn't help but look at bedding on the Target website and I really hope some of these styles are available:

How can I resist? They don't have cute bedding at these prices in Canada!

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