Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitchen Reno - First Steps

As you know we have currently bought a house. And it needs ALOT of work. On Saturday we allotted a bit of time to do some research on kitchen cabinets. We headed over to our local showroom to checkout cabinets. They had some lovely options, however, the cabinet cover we liked best, it is pretty similar to one I recently saw in Ikea.

Ikea Cabinet Lindingo White

I love the white cabinets and the detail is pretty. The price can't be beat! Here's another picture of the kitchen at Ikea.

I am thinking that since the price difference between the two places are HUGE, that perhaps the best route to go would be to do an IKEA kitchen and dress it up with nice hardware, appliances, back splash and countertop. You also can't beat the warranty IKEA has on their cabinets.

I was wondering if any of our readers have IKEA kitchens. Do you like them? What's the quality like?


  1. We have the Lindigo kitchen in our house. I think that other than the Ikea logo on the sides of the drawers, you wouldn't know that it is Ikea. We only got the cabinets there.....appliances, counter, etc we sourced elsewhere. If you want to come and take a look or want me to send you pics, let me know. Another friend of mine has the same cabinets but their kitchen is much more the cabinets are pretty versatile.

    1. Hi Christin, I would love to come and see your kitchen and ask about your experience. I think we will probably go IKEA but I'm just nervous about the finishing of it.