Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Should I? Or Shouldn't I?

I have recently gotten into a fitness craze. It all started with my New Year's Resolution and this year I plan to stick to it! I started going to the West End Y again and tried a gravity class thanks to the urgings of a friend who goes with me. I have never liked exercising. In fact, on my list of things I hate, exercising was at the top. For some reason though, I LOVE my gravity class. On the days I don't go, I think about it. A lot. I am a bit obsessed. I have no idea why this particular class has peaked my interest. But it has. I've been going now every week for two months and I have yet to get bored (my usual complaint about exercising).

So the question I am trying to answer is, Should I try spinning as well? I'm a little scared of spinning. Bike riding as a general rule is not my fave because it hurts my butt. So the thought of doing an hour long class with a sore butt does not appeal to me. However, I have spoken with a few people who swear by their spinning class (and swear that the sore butt goes away). I am starting to muster up the courage to do my first class but would love to hear from you to see if doing this class would be a good thing or if it would halt my recent success with exercise and have me run screaming from the gym?

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  1. I never thought I would get into spinning, but I tried it and love it. However, I've always had the same leader except last week - not as fun. So I think it depends on who's leading it. Cindy is funny, obviously enjoys herself, and makes it fun for us, changing it up every week. Some days I have a sore but, but less often now. I've taken a total of 8 classes. You can get a gel seat if it bothers you. Work at your own pace and try to improve each time - don't compare yourself to others. I do recommend shoes with a dense sole for standing on the pedals. Give it a try - don't like it, don't continue! :)