Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Choosing Paint

There's a lot of activity going on in the new house.  Not a lot which is picture worthy at this point though.  The electrician is finishing his work including 60 potlights!  Exhale.  It's a lot of potlights.  We even scaled back.  Our plumber is finishing up his work on our new master ensuite.  So while the not-so-glamorous part of home renovation goes on, I am busy working on the visuals.

Right now I am trying to pick paint colours.  This is a big task especially when you are painting the whole house!  The girls room was easy.  We chose Behr- Frosted Lemon.  It's hard to see the brightness of this colour as we don't have power in most of our rooms let alone lights!  I will definitely post well-lighted pictures once we have light again.  Trust me though when I say that it is a nice fresh yellow.  I will also be free-handing butterflies on the walls above their beds.  Purple and Pink for Ainsley and Blue and Pink for Juliet.

For our guest room I went with a light blue/grey colour.  It is Behr - Cumberland Fog. 

It's a bit more blue than I had originally wanted.  However, as we do not know whether sharing a room will be a success with the girls, we will keep this colour for now.  Juliet's favourite colour is blue so if we have to move her in their, the colour is perfect!

That's what we've picked so far.  Off to start working on the Master Bedroom and Office paint choices.  Will post these soon,

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