Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Apology to my husband Brett

So I have been blogging for a few months now and my husband Brett came home yesterday and said he had a bone to pick with me. I was wondering what that could be as I didn't think I had done anything particulary bad lately. It turns out, Brett finally logged onto my blog and read it and he objected to being referred to as "hubbie". He said that did not sound like me at all and that I had never called him that and would not like to be referred to as 'hubbie' from now on.

I was very surprised but said ok no problem. I will stop calling him 'hubbie'. So now as I am typing that I realize I should be the one to have a bone to pick with him. He's just now reading my blog????? What's up with that?

So Brett, hubbie, if you are reading this, I am glad you are finally doing so and please note this will be the last post with the word 'hubbie' in it.

Love your loving wifey.



  1. Appology accepted.


    Lindsay's Dashing Husband

  2. I dig hubbie more than baby, sweetie or Chrissy. I'd just roll with it Bretty!

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.