Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Monday, July 13, 2009

Perception changes as you grow older

Today my husband and I (yes Brett I used the word husband)took our 2 year old to Canada's Wonderland. I used to go every year when I was growing up with my uncle. I remember it took FOREVER to get there and that park was HUGE.

Today was the first time I had been to Canada's Wonderland in over a decade. Some things had stayed the same and some perceptions I had when I was little were totally wrong. The drive to the park took all of 20 minutes. Not the hours I swear it took when we went as kids. The park which had felt huge when I was little, despite expansion was a lot smaller than I remembered. Even the mountain didn't seem so big.

Some things were the same. I knew exactly where to find Hanna Barbara land. My favorite ride, the Ghoster Coaster, was still in operation although Ainsley was too small to go on it. Sigh....We had a blast on the kiddie rides and she loved the splash park which was not there when I was a kid.

Despite the fun we had, I left thinking, how did my uncle stand to take his 2 neices and 1 nephew every year. It was extremely loud and at times crowded. Waiting in line was tedious and everything cost a fortune. I think it is time I made a quick call and thank my uncle for the fun memories I made when he took me and also give him props for being so brave.

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