Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nap Time Trials

Nap time is sacred at our house. This is the only time a mom gets to herself while at home. When I just had Ainsley, I could guarantee myself at least 2 hours in the afternoon where I could do whatever I wanted. I could catch up on my TV or do some work when I worked from home. If I was tired, I could get a good nap. *Sigh* Those were the days.

Now that I have two little munchkins, nap time has changed. Ainsley still has her 2 hour nap in the afternoon, but Juliet is not quite old enough to have a regular long afternoon nap. She still naps in 40 minute spurts and I am lucky if she naps while Ainsley is napping which would give me a 40 minute break. Gone are those restful afternoons that I used to enjoy. I can't wait to have them back. Juliet is 5 months old and I really hope that in the next month we will be in a good routine.

The worst afternoons are when I put Ainsley down for her nap and Juliet gets up from hers and then when Juliet is ready to go down again, Ainsley gets up. Today I had a 30 minute break. I'll take what I can get at this point.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ainsley's First Fear

It was a lovely day in Toronto today and Ainsley, Juliet and I hung out in the backyard and watched Aunty Panda plant fruits and vegetables. Everything was going well until two HUGE bees joined us. For the first time in Ainsley's life she was really scared. She usually embraces new experiences. She has never been afraid of animals or insects but for some reason she is really scared of bees.

She does not get the from anything I've said to her as this was the first time I had seen a bee with her and I don't react. I asked my husband and he hasn't seen a bee with her yet either although he is afraid of bees. So I wonder if this in an innate reaction or if she heard someone at school freak out when they saw a bee. I guess we will never know but I hope she get over this fear as she would not leave my lap for the rest of our time outside. Kind of tough when you have a 5 month old as well :>.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The joy of a sick toddler

Ainsley is sick again. Poor thing. But unlike other children who I've heard will sleep when they are sick, Ainsley will cut her sleep in half. So not only is she cranky because she doesn't feel well but her crankiness is exacerbated by lack of sleep.

To combat this we have a little ritual we do for when she is sick. Ainsley gets to hang out in mommy's bed all day and watch movies with Apple juice. Now she does not usually get apple juice (we are big on water or milk) and she certainly doesn't get to watch TV all day, ever. She has her favorite movies and watches them over and over again. Last illness we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a million times. This illness it looks like a Mary Poppins marathon. I try to introduce other movies for variety but the only other movie that has stuck is Sound of Music. I guess she's a musical girl.

Hopefully this will be a short lived illness and Ainsley can get back to her fun, charming self.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all moms. I have had a wonderful mother's day so far. I was woken up by my two beautiful daughters this morning at 9am with flowers and breakfast. Ainsley thought I would like Rice Krispies with Strawberries and a bagel with cream cheese. While I ate my cereal, Ainsley decided she was hungry and ate my bagel. She did try to give me a piece directly from her mouth but I told her it was ok that she could have it. How cute!!!! Then we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I guess Ainsley is too young to get the concept of mother's day but it was fun nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glow Baby logo

Exciting day. Our new logo is almost complete. So much so that I have posted it on the blog!! Very exciting. Should have the absolute completed version by weeks end but I couldn't wait. Hopefully we will have the website up and running by the end of May. In the meantime, Baby's First Journal, an eating, sleeping and diapering log will be going to print in the next week or two. We are finalizing the design this week. It is so exciting!!! I can't wait to see my idea realized.

Monday, May 4, 2009

High Park

The family went to High Park yesterday to see the animals and go to the castle playground. Lovely outing. The animals were out which Ainsley loved and the cherry blossoms were beautiful. I couldn't believe how busy the park was. It was a bit crazy actually. Definitely a place to go during the week when it's quieter.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Father's Day

As mother's day approaches I have started to think about what I will do about Father's day this year. For our first Father's Day, I created a book I called "The Adventures of Ainsley and Daddy". In it I created a story about Ainsley's birth and what she and her daddy did together when she was first born. It is a lovely momento for both Ainsley and her dad and is a staple in our library. I created it as children love to hear stories about their birth and being a baby as well as highlighting the special relationship between a father and daughter.

This year I have an idea to incorporate a special gift for my hubbie from both our girls. I would write about it in detail, however, my husband follows my blog and therefore I cannot give away the surprise. I will however post about it one he has received his gift.

For now, I am looking forward to Mother's day and what my family has in store for me. I'm hoping it includes lots of hugs and kisses.