Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Birthday Presents - When to open?

I have been planning Juliet's 2nd birthday party this week and while planning the party itinerary,I struggled with the question of when do we open the presents? When I ask this question, what I mean is do we open present with everyone or after the party and send out thank you notes.

We don't usually open presents but as the girls get older, when is it ok to open the presents at the party? In the past, we don't open presents as there is not enough time and I have this vision of toddlers fighting over the newly unwrapped toys. I think it is probably wise not to open presents at Juliet's party, but at Ainsley's 4th, should we?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Celebrating the Gift of Communication...for all children, of all abilities...everywhere!

Who? Parents, teachers, librarians, speech language pathologists, early childhood educators and their children. We'll be counting the number of children involved, the number of locations and event the number of countries involved.

If you'd like to organize a WeeHands Challenge in your community on December 7th, please email: You don't have to be a WeeHands Instructor to organize a challenge in your area!

The WeeHands Challenge? Groups across North America will organize and meet in their own communities to sign and sing this year's song "This Little Light of Mine". This is a free event for families, teachers & children!

This fun event is a challenge for which geographic area (province or state) has the most children signing and sing this year's song at 11am local time.

The Challenge: 11am local time. Some sites will include a few signing parents/caregivers and their children who get together to "be counted" and others are much larger events with live music, speakers, prizes etc.

When? the event will occur across North America on Tuesday December 7th at 11am (local times for each location).

Where? Organizers will seek out and set up their own locations, e.g., libraries, speech clinics, early years centres, community rooms, mall or any other venue. We anticipate that schools and child care centres will also participate.

Why? to celebrate the gift of communication for all children, of all abilities, everywhere! A chance for education and peer support in a fun social way.

Visit the Weehands website for more information:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another reason why I hate the time change

For the few weeks, it has seemed as if getting the girls out of the house and into the car has been especially inefficient and I couldn’t figure out why. We used to have our morning routine down to a science and were always out the door on time and at school with time to spare without rushing. However, to my great puzzlement, the last few weeks have seemed increasingly rushed and time seemed to fly as we went from house to car.

No matter how early we left the house, we were still later than usual at school. It was really beginning to frustrate me as I hate being late and could just not understand what it was that was slowing us down. Then today it hit me. We weren’t late, our clock in the car was fast. I don’t know about you, but often after the clocks have been changed, whether forward or back, I have to make small adjustments to our clocks a few times to get them all relatively in sync. Well, turns out that the clock in the house was correct, but the clock in the car was about 8 minutes too fast. One would think that this was not a big deal, but for someone who only has 2 hours and 30 minutes to herself in the morning while the girls are at school, 8 minutes is a big deal.

I am glad I finally figured out why there was such a time discrepancy as it was frustrating and now I feel relieved to know that we are in fact on time and even early! Now I can stop stressing about the time. I will make sure I do a better job of changing the time on all clocks in the spring.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Spotlight: Momstown
is for neighbourhood moms wanting to connect for support, conversation and just plain fun.

Momstown brings you an online calendar chock-full of momstown specific events, a 24-hour interactive message board (perfect for those sleepless nights), and exclusive member privileges and discounts.

Odds are that when you were growing up your mom knew all of your neighbours. Your street was full of kids you knew and your mom invited the neighbourhood over to run through the sprinkler while the other moms had coffee and chatted. If a neighbour had a new baby, you were probably sent over with a hot casserole and the new mother would have been warmly welcomed into the folds of the other families. Although some social conventions have (sadly) changed, what hasn’t is the need to connect with other local mothers. It has always been said it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a town. Who resides in the town we fondly call momstown? Well, it’s moms like you.

What began as a small mothers group run by one mom has flourished under tender loving care by local women to make momstown the supportive, organized ‘neighbourhood’ it is today. Founded in August 2007 by moms from Burlington, Ontario, has now found a niche within many communities by providing moms with consistent activities and daily encouragement. momstown uses the internet to connect but our goal is to get moms off the computer and out of the house!

Momstown provides a unique offering for local moms. A membership is inclusive and offers over 20 exclusive momstown events monthly (per chapter!), an active local website with tons of dialogue and awesome member discounts and privileges from our partners.

The annual fee of $45 per mom (not per child) includes our events and social opportunities. An amazing deal that works out to be about 10 cents per event! Your membership will link you with so many local moms both in person and online and your social and support network will explode.

To join, just click on the communities page and complete the registration and watch your email (check your junk mail!) for your password and other details. Hope to see you in the neighbourhood soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

New: Spotlight Posts

One of the reasons behind creating Glow Baby was to help parents. With our products we are helping parents take control of their lives and get organized! With products firmly under our belt (and new products on the way) we have decided to also share our knowledge with you. Whether this is knowledge of other great products or fabulous businesses that provide a service to help you, we will be bringing our readers this information.

From Doulas to momsgroups, if we think they can help make being a parent easier, we will tell you about them! If you know of a business or product that helped you as a parent feel free to send us a note at and we will contact them for a possible Spotlight.

Look out for our Spotlight posts starting on Monday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Big Decision

So after much debate and help from my readers, I have purchased a birthday dress for Juliet and one for Ainsley.

I chose......

For Juliet, the birthday girl. Even though I loved the white one, I could just picture how it would probably be ruined with the pizza and cake we will be having at the party. This dress is a dark blue (stains will not show) and it's girlie with the tulle skirt. I am sure she will be thrilled to wear it for her birthday. (Note to self, don't show her the dress until the day of her birthday or she will want to wear it)

I chose this dress for Ainsley as I think the eyelets are adorable. It's a bit more muted than Juliet's and can see it being worn with a shirt underneath for school as well. Therefore I will get more use out of it. Oh, and it was on sale! A total plus :)

I will be sure to post pictures of the girls wearing their new dresses.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dress Dilemma - Found another great option

I don't know how I missed this dress the first time I was on I was just about to buy the white tiered dress when this one caught my eye. Now what do I do? The white one or the blue one? Clearly I need help!!!



Birthday Dress Dilemma

My adorable Juliet is having her 2nd Birthday Party in 2 1/2 weeks and I was browsing the web to find a nice dress for her and her sister to wear. I came across the Gap and they have some SUPER adorable dresses and I am having trouble deciding which one to get!

Please help and comment on which dress/skirt you like best:






Monday, November 15, 2010

Anyone Else Need A Vacation From Their Weekend?

Our weekends seem to be getting busier as the girls get older. With ballet for my eldest, gymnastics and music class for my youngest, plus family get togethers, playdates, birthday parties and more, I need a vacation from our weekend!

We no longer have lazy Sundays where we can sleep in and relax. Chores have replaced reading the paper or going out for brunch. Don’t get me wrong, our weekend plans are great fun. The girls love their respective activities and I love going with them. They have so much energy that if we don’t get out of the house by 10am they start to go stir crazy. We plan playdates and other activities because they love them and allows them to use up some of their endless amounts of energy. It’s also a chance for us to catch up with our adult friends. But no matter how many activities we do, they just don’t tire out!

Yesterday, even after a playdate where the girls had a dance party, pretended to be animals and literally hopped around the house for two hours, they still had energy to burn! We took them swimming after Juliet’s nap and the only people who were exhausted after that were me and my husband!

How do you get the rest and relaxation you need to recharge? For me, it helps that the girls are in nursery school in the mornings which gives me a chance to work and write. At least I get a two hour chunk of time during which I can actually sit down for awhile and get things done. I am also very thankful that my mom comes over two afternoons a week to play with the girls. Making dinner is much easier when they are occupied!

I hear parents of much older children talk about a return to lazy Sunday mornings as their children start to sleep in and don’t need them anymore. While this sounds lovely, I already know I will miss their early morning snuggles, their wrestling, their dancing and all the time we spend together. Despite how tired I find I am most of the time, I know this period will go by so quickly and I don’t want to miss a moment!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest Blog by Sprout Right: How To Avoid Winter Flu's

I came across this posts for alternative ways to boost your immune system and avoid illness this winter and was happy when Lianne from Sprout Right let me post on the blog. I will definitely be printing this out to try and stay healthy!

How to Avoid Winter Flu's
By: Lianne Phillipson-Webb,
It’s cold and dark outside. Yes winter is coming and we all know what that means—colds, flu, and other bugs flying around the office, school or daycare, and then brought home to circulate the family.

So far I’ve heard of Norwalk hitting hard, lingering coughs and colds, but not the flu… yet. Whether you find yourself achy all over, warming up with a fever, that scratchy throat feeling or nose is running like a tap, it means something’s coming. Those damn bugs gotcha!

Do you go for the medicine cabinet, or vitamin cupboard? In my house, well you can guess, I get out my remedy first aid kit and start there. I pull out the oregano oil (mixed in some Echinacea syrup so we can get it down), probiotics, vitamin C, garlic drink and specific homeopathic remedies depending on what the symptoms are. My daughters know that feeling sick means the caster oil and cold wet socks are coming at bedtime too (I’ll explain that craziness later on).

That may sound like quite a list, but I really hate being sick. If I could just lie on the couch and let it ride, I still wouldn’t like it. So I throw it all at us. And it works. If we’ve had some virus or whatever bug gets us, it generally hits us less or leaves faster.

What can you do to help your family? Here are my top tips:

Find yourself a naturopath or homeopath. As well as booking an intro consult, ask if they offer phone/email consults for acute situations. I’m able to email mine with symptoms and get feedback of what homeopathic remedies that will help speed recovery and lessen symptoms. If you aren’t familiar with homeopathy, it sure packs a punch. Your naturopath or homeopath can help you with specifics, so don’t worry about not knowing what it’s all about.
Create your own remedy first aid kit.
Start with vitamin C. A powder is best and most versatile for the family. It should dissolve in water or dilute juice and can be downed in one or sipped throughout the day. Adults can take about 2000 mg once or twice a day and kids 200 – 400 mg per day (too much vit C = diarrhoea, so ease off if that’s the case). Chech out the link below for my favourite product, Ascorbate C.

Oil of Oregano has potent antiviral and antifungal properties. It is taken against colds and flu’s, candida and parasites. Start it as any symptoms start. Adult dose – one to two drops mixed in with juice. Babies and children – put one drop on the soles of their feet. *Oregano oil is not recommended for breastfeeding. Use for no longer than three weeks and dose up on probiotics too while taking it.

Echinacea is an herbal immune booster. It works best when you feel the start of a cold or other symptoms. Long-term use is not advised. Take for one week then not the next. Continue over the winter months.

Probiotics are a sneaky way to boost the immune system. It sounds kind of backwards, taking good bacteria when it will go to my intestines – but when you understand that about 80 per cent of your immune system is in your digestive system, it all makes sense. Check out the link below for a description of Genestra’s products that I’ve used for years.

When you are hit with something, these crazy sounding remedies can be used on the whole family.

Castor Oil - Rub a loonie size of caster oil on the chest, over the lung area, front and back. Do this before bed, and use a hot water bottle over the area if age appropriate.

Cold Wet Socks – This is a great natural remedy for coughs, colds and congestion. Here’s what you do:

Before bed, make a pair of cotton socks with cold water, squeeze out excess water. Put the socks on the feet and cover with wool or wooly overtop. As crazy as it sounds, it really works. I’ve got up in the middle of the night before to re-wet my socks so I stop coughing. It’s better than cough medicine.

I have not made either of these up, they’ve been around for years. I know it sounds completely nuts, but I promise you it really helps!

Check out here for more information on specific supplements.

Other suggestions include:

Avoid sugar – I know, I know, you only feel like snacking on comfort foods. Sugar can suppress the immune system for a period of hours, so it might be the difference to one day off to a few.

Drink immune boosting herbal teas and ease off the coffee and milk – don’t send me packing with my ideas just yet – let me explain. Your body (or your kid’s) need fluids so herb teas are warm, wet and also can help give a boost. Dairy products are mucus forming, so you may find yourself not needing any help in the mucus-producing department (both coughs and colds), so just shelve it for now.

Try the ‘Garlic Bomb’. You are at home anyway so it doesn’t matter if you have garlic breath. This one is probably only for adults, not kiddies. Fill a mug with boiled water from the kettle. Use a garlic press to crush a clove of garlic into the water. Add a teaspoon of honey, a squeeze of lemon and even a chunk of fresh ginger if you have it. Drink it all. The garlic bits at the bottom too.

So now that you’ve got more than enough ideas of how to make this a healthier winter, go stock up and be ready for what comes!

This is not meant to take the place of medical advice or a visit to the doctors.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Communication and Men - I just don't get it

My husband hosted his annual Rally weekend up at the cottage this past weekend. This is a time that all the men who have been friends for a long time go away for two nights, drink beer, play poker and eat. Apparently, these three things are all they do for 48 hours as according to my husband, they don't talk about anything.

Every year, when Brett comes home, I ask him what was discussed. Every year his answer is nothing. No gossip, no tidbits, no insight into their lives. Apparently, nothing of any note gets talked about. How can this be?

When I went away to Blissdom Canada two weeks ago, everything was discussed! From children, to business, to twitter, to sisterhood. Not a topic was left uncovered. How is that women communicate in such a fundamentally different way than men?

I have tried many times to explain to my husband the power of social media and the relationships I have made through twitter and he has yet to understand what I am talking about. When I told him I wanted to create a resource page on the Glow Baby website and connect with other like-minded professional in the infant and child industry, he didn't understand. I tried to explain how connection and discussion and shared experiences were how women connected but it did not sink in.

I guess men bond through drinking, loosing money, bad jokes and gross bodily functions while women share what is in their souls to form the connection. I am thankful that I have found a wonderful group of women both online and offline who I can share my anxieties and joys with and who understand why details like the length and weight of a newborn is important.

One of these days I will send Brett up to his rally weekend with questions for the guys to fill out so I can find out what they have been up to over the past few months. Do you think he'd be embarrassed?

Friday, November 5, 2010

I need a break!

The past few weeks in our household have been nuts. With my husband on a business trip one week, my trip to Blissdom Canada the following week plus various school meetings and networking meetings thrown into the mix, organizing our schedule was nuts! These obligations were in addition to our regularly scheduled routine and trying to juggle the logistics have been exhausting.

I need a break. I need one week in which all we have to worry about is our regularly scheduled routine. The beauty of routine is that it becomes second nature. You don’t have to think about it. You know where your kids are, you know who is picking them up and that is it. No coordinating caregivers, no piece meal solutions, no stress. It just runs as usual.

I had the tools and the ability to make it work and our household ran like a well-oiled machine despite the absence of one or both of us. I do not, however, have the stamina to keep this going. I have also noticed my children being affected by our absence. Very rarely do we have someone other than me or my husband put the kids to bed. In the past few weeks, bedtime routine has been done by my sister or mom at least twice a week. This has lead to a more difficult time saying goodbye at school and saying good night. When I start to see my usually happy children become more clingy and sad, I know it’s time to take a break.

I have had enough and will take a break from over scheduling myself. I missed my children when I was at Blissdom. I admit it. I missed snuggle time, their stories, their dancing. I love hanging with them and being there for them. Blissdom was definitely worth it but I am glad to be home and getting back into our regularly scheduled programming.

They say these days that kids are overscheduled but what about us parents? How can we keep the balance in our lives? I think the first step is recognizing the need to change. Now the challenge becomes learning to say No to some of the great opportunities that are presented to me. I must be strong, at least for a little while, and take a break. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Free tickets for Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey

I have four tickets to Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey in Toronto to giveaway! So I thought I would host a contest!! What a great way to start November.

Here is some information on the show with contest entry information at the end:


Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey takes audiences on a fun-filled tour to four exciting destinations filled with favorite Disney friends. With Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as tour guides, guests will visit the enchanting worlds of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch and Peter Pan.
The arena will be filled with music and magic in every scene including an enchanting undersea kingdom with Ariel and Sebastian, a jungle adventure in the African Pride Lands with Simba and Nala, a Hawaiian luau with Lilo and Stitch and a trip to jolly old London with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

“It’s an extraordinary show and a family vacation all rolled into one incredible night,” says Producer Kenneth Feld. “You really get a sense you are traveling right alongside Mickey, Minnie and their friends.”

Disney On Ice presents Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey features an international team of award-winning skaters, exciting choreography and a musical score filled with familiar Disney hits and rock-and-roll classics the whole family will enjoy.
The unconventional mix of music inspired Choreographer Cindy Stuart to incorporate original moves, like the boisterous pirate line dance. Stuart has also included more classic skating, like David and Nani’s touching surf duet and Prince Eric and Ariel’s tender pas de deux.

“Not only is this show a journey through favorite Disney stories, it is a journey of emotions,” says Director Jerry Bilik. “From the antics of Sebastian, Simba and Stitch, to the high-flying adventures of Peter Pan, the audience will experience excitement, humor and friendship.”

Costume Designer Arthur Boccia has assembled specific and appealing looks for all the Disney locales. Creatures and characters along the way sport everything from nightgowns to grass skirts. Surfer gear and lion’s paws give way to Triton’s fin-clad daughters.

Each destination has its own mood created by Lighting Designer Patrick Dierson. The foggy London skyline that can be seen from the Darling children’s window soon changes to the mysterious forest where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys live in their tree house. Ariel and Sebastian dive into undersea excursions and Lilo and Stitch cavort surfside surrounded by tropical sunlight and foliage.

The many settings of the show are enhanced by Robert Smith’s scenic design both on and above the ice. For example, Lilo’s Hawaiian home is on the ice, while Stitch’s alien planet is depicted above it, creating a multidimensional feel. Captain Hook’s rollicking crew sails across the ice on an enormous 35-foot pirate ship, and King Triton’s daughters emerge for their music lessons from oversized seashells.
To learn more about Disney On Ice, log onto or visit us on Facebook and YouTube.

How To enter:

-Follow the Glow Baby Family Blog and and answer the question Who does King Triton instruct to keep constant supervision over his daughter Ariel?
-Fan the Glow Baby facebook page and leave a comment on the blog
-Follow on Twitter @lindsayGlowbaby and leave a comment on the blog

This contest will end Monday December 6th.