Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Am Guilty Of Neglecting My Blog

With all of the other things that I have to do to run Glow Baby on a daily basis, I have been neglecting the blog. I feel guilty, everyday, but in terms of priorities the blog always seems to come last on my list. When you add the summer into the mix, there is just not enough hours in the day!

The summer is causing some problems as I definitley do not have as much time to dedicate to the business as I usually do during the school year. I wish I had more time to devote to all aspects of my business including this blog but sometimes, something has to give.

I wish I had more time to write. There are often discussions and events that when I hear of them, I think "Oh, that would be great to share on the blog" and then life happens and the idea is gone.

I will do my best to continue to update this blog, but this summer my posts may be sporadic at best. Come the fall, when we are in a solid routine, I am sure that I will be back on track.

Thanks for sticking with me.