Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disney on Ice: $1 Tickets!!!!!

A Zippa-Dee-Deal: TORONTO Tickets for only $1.00!

Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years Of Magic Rolls Back Prices for
Best Holiday Deal in Town!

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Day, My Oh My What a Wonderful Day! On December 14th, Disney On Ice fans in Toronto may be singing this song when they take advantage of a special, once-in-a-blue moon, better than Groupon opportunity, to purchase tickets for only $1.00.
This Holiday Season, Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic glides into Rogers Centre for 15 performances from December 23-January 1/12.

Tickets for this one-time-only, Zip-A-Dee-Deal will be available starting at 11 am on Wednesday, December 14th at Rogers Centre Box Office, located at Gate 9, and are available while supplies last (100 tickets per performance will be available).

This magical moment in entertainment history combines Disney’s unforgettable stories and enthralling characters that have entertained families the world over. The captivating production features the largest cast ever of lovable Disney stars on ice – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Stitch, Nemo and the Incredibles – and exciting moments from Disney’s Mulan and The Lion King.

To keep warm while in line, ticket buyers will be treated to hot chocolate and entertained by the festive sounds of the Salvation Army Band. People will be invited to support the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas campaign.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers may not begin forming a line until 9:30 am on Wednesday, December 14th. Rogers Centre Box Office will open at 11 am. There is a limit of (six) 6 tickets per person for your chosen show. Offer is not valid on multiple shows, VIP and rinkside seats.
Once the Zip-A-Dee-Deal tickets are sold out, fans will be able to purchase tickets at a special one-day only $5.00 off discount rate (excluding VIP and rinkside seats).

Disney On Ice Performance Schedule:

Dec. 23 – 7pm Dec. 28 – 12pm & 4pm
Dec. 24 – 4pm Dec. 29 – 12pm & 4pm
Dec. 25 – 4pm Dec. 30 – 12pm & 4pm
Dec. 26 – 12pm & 4pm Dec. 31 – 12pm
Dec. 27 – 12pm & 4pm Jan. 1 – 4pm

Monday, November 28, 2011

Disney On Ice: Giveaway Winner

And the winner is.......


Congratulations Jenn.

I will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your prize.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What To Do With the Artwork

Staying organized is a constant struggle in our house. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are mass producers of artwork. When we do art projects at home, the girls go through pages and pages of drawings and paintings before they are finished. Add to that what they bring home from school and we have a major clutter situation. Some of the artwork is easy to throw in the recycling bin but a lot of it is hard to throw out.

Over the past few years of receiving art, I have come up with a few solutions:

1. Use art as art is intended: Frame it!

As we have small children and lots of expenses, when we started decorating our house we found that we had a lot of wall space and no money or inclination to purchase expensive ‘art’. When I was in Grade 4, my parents framed a pastel drawing I had done and to this day it still hangs on my wall. It’s a great keepsake and I am proud that my parents thought it was special enough to frame. When decorating Ainsley’s big girl room, I went through the pile of art we had accumulated and picked out three of her drawings and framed those using inexpensive Ikea frames. I love the look of them and Ainsley is very excited every time I remind her that she drew those pictures. I will do the same for Juliet once we have a collection to choose from. What a great way to boost self-esteem by showing them that what they have created is special.

2. Art as a Gift

To take the framing of art one step further, I have given framed pieces to my parents and in-laws. I find it very hard to shop for them as really, what do you get your parents let alone your in-laws? Whether they hang the art on their wall in the office or at home, it’s a really nice thoughtful gift that is an Original piece of artwork that is priceless. This is a great way to save the art that you don’t want to throw out but at the same time, make room in your house for new art.

3. Art as Fundraiser

This past year at Ainsley’s nursery school we did a fabulous fundraiser for the school using the children’s paintings. Both girls created a painting and it was sent to Acorn Custom Cards, a company which took the art and made cards and placemats. This was a great idea as it provided a fun art activity for the kids, earned money for the co-op school and parents were able to have cards made that showcased their child’s skills and again, the children would get a self-esteem boost by seeing their art used in a new way.

4.Art as wrapping paper and cards

Another great option is to reuse your children’s artwork as wrapping paper and as cards. I love getting home made mother’s day cards and my girls love making cards for others. This is a great use of artwork that would otherwise be thrown out and save you from buying overpriced cards and wrapping paper!

5. The Memory Book

Glow Baby has a unique new Memory Book called My Story.. A Book of Memories that has 12 gusseted pockets big enough to fit art! This album is designed to help parent store the art pieces they want to keep in a beautiful place. As there are no dates on the pages, each pocket can be used for as much as a family needs. If your children are major art producers like mine, you may have one pocket per school term. For the younger set you could use one pocket for each year. All in all, a great solution to the problem.

Monday, November 21, 2011

My New Favourite Veggie Recipe

Mushrooms and Sweet Onions

I have been trying my best to eat healthier lately which means seriously increasing the amount of veggies I eat each day. At first this was fine, but to keep vegetables low cal and low fat really reduces the options when it comes to making them interesting. While, roasting carrots and parsnips is a super yummy option, it gets old.

I have been experimenting with different ways of cooking vegetables, and my current favourite recipe involves Mushrooms and sweet onions. Yum.

Here is the recipe. The quantities are not exact but really you just need to taste what you are making and adjust to your own taste buds.

1. Melt 2 tsps of butter in a large skillet (you don't need much butter and can even cut it down to 1 tsp)

2. Cut up 2 sweet onions (I wasn't kidding when I said I was upping the veggie content) and cook in melted butter for around 2-3 minutes. You want to slightly soften the onion but not too much as it will continue to cook when you add the mushrooms.

3. Cut up a bunch of mushrooms (I do around 4 cups) and these can be a mixture of white, portabello, cremini or any other type of mushroom that you want.

4. Put mushrooms in skillet and cook with onions. You want to cook the mushrooms until they have started to sweat. Add in 1 tsp of kosher salt. Continue cooking until the liquid is almost entirely evaporated. Depending on the type of mushrooms you use, this can take 5-10 minutes. The thicker the mushroom ie. portabello the longer it takes.

5. Just before all the liquid has evaporated, add in approximately 2 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar. You can add more or less depending on your preference. Continue cooking until all the liquid has evaporated.

And then voila! Yummy veggies.

Bon Appetite!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Disney On Ice: Giveaway!

It's that time of year again when our Disney friends come to town. This year their Christmas show is 100 Years of Magic.

A century of classic and new Disney stars are taking to the ice to share memories, laughs and excitement in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic. This holiday season, the magnificent celebration is coming to Rogers Centre in Toronto, December 23/11-January 1/12 for 15 performances. Tickets are now on sale. See details at the end of this post for a special discount for our readers.

This magical moment in entertainment history combines Disney’s unforgettable stories and enthralling characters that have entertained families the world over. The captivating production features the largest cast ever of lovable Disney stars on ice – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Stitch, Nemo and the Incredibles – and exciting moments from Disney’s Mulan and The Lion King.

Audiences will not want to miss this ice spectacular that features beautifully choreographed figure skating to Academy Award®-winning songs “When You Wish Upon a Star,” “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Under the Sea,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and many more. Dazzling sets, memorable characters, beautiful costumes and exciting special effects will transport audiences through decades of beloved Disney stories.

Tickets for Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic are available at,, Ticketmaster retail outlets, Rogers Centre Box Office, or by calling 1-855-985-5000.

To learn more about Disney On Ice, go to


We will be giving away 4 Tickets for one lucky winner to 100 Years of Magic for any of the 15 performances in Toronto from December 23rd to January 1st.

To Enter:

1 entry - Follow our Blog and leave a comment on the blog letting us know what your all time favourite Disney movie.

1 entry - Leave a comment on our facebook page letting us know which Disney character your child(ren) will most like to see

Contest ends Monday November 28th, 2011.

To purchase tickets visit and receive 4 tickets for weekday (Monday through Thursday) performances for just $44 or save $4 per ticket on weekend (Friday through Sunday) performances with code MAMA. (Restrictions: MAMA code valid October 3, 2012, through end of performance schedule. Not valid on Front Row, VIP, TP and Gold Circle tickets. May not be combined with any other discount.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a Small World

Today was an exciting day over here at Glow Baby. Our Baby's First Journal was featured on The Marilyn Denis show in Maureen Denis' Baby Must-Haves segment. It is always very exciting when our journals are in the spotlight!

On a side note, Marilyn had some guests talking about whether cheating was good for a relationship. While I was not too impressed with this topic (is it ever good to advocate cheating? I think not), one of panel members was an old friend from high school! What are the odds that she would be on the same show as my journals?

To be honest, I don't usually watch TV during the day so watching this episode was an anomoly and only because of our feature. So I never would have seen her if not for our appearance :).

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Princess Party EVER!

Last week the girls and I were invited to a Princess Party by Feld Entertainment, the folks who run the Disney Live and Disney on Ice Shows. As experts in everything princess, the girls are tough customers when it comes to princess parties. This event was wonderful and more than met expectations.

The girls dressed up as their favourite characters. Juliet was dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Ainsley dressed as the evil witch. They were greeted at the door and were given their Princess name tags and their Princess Tiaras (a big hit).

The evening started off with munchies to energize the kids for the evening's activities. While we ate, we got to watch some clips from Disney's upcoming Disney Live show. The girls were mesmorized as they watched their favourite princess act out and sing their favourite songs. I have to say that I was getting excited about taking them to the show.

After dinner, the girls went off to get their princess hair done. I was amazed that Juliet, who usually does not sit still, sat perfectly for at least five minutes while her hair was styled and she got a pink hair extension.

After getting their hair done, we went off to decorate our pumpkins. This was a great activity for the girls and kept them busy for quite some time. This would be a perfect activity for a birthday party, especially if it falls near Hallowe'en.

After pumpking decorating, we headed of to get some Tattoos. This was also a huge hit!

The absolute highlight of the evening was the arrival of Cinderella and Snow White. The girls were so excited to see two of their favourite princesses and were even more excited that they got to have their pictures taken with them.

A big thank you to Feld Entertainment for hosting this fun filled event. Not only did the girls and I have a great time together, but it gave me some great ideas for our next Princess party!

We cannot wait to go and see the Disney Live show which runs from January 13 - 15 2012. Tickets are available at Tickets available at or 1-855-985-5000.

Who is your child's favourite Disney character?

Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Baaaackkk!!!

It's been two months since my last blog post. Sounds a bit like an AA confession. The Glow Baby blog has been sorely neglected due to a number of crazy happenings both as a business and as a family. The blog has taken a back seat to a busy life. But now that things are finally settling down (knock on wood), I am focusing once again on sharing my journey both as a business owner and as a mom.

Over the past two months, Glow Baby has grown and I have done amazing things that I never dreamed possible. I was the organizational expert in article about Back-To-School organization in both The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star! I attended my first trade show in Kentucky and had many other smaller but just as exciting accomplishments keeping me very busy.

On the homefront, Ainsley started JK!!! I can't believe that my baby is in real school now. It is amazing how much she is learning and everyday when she comes home she's learned a new letter or song that I can't wait to hear about. Juliet is almost three and in the process of dropping her nap (which had directly affected my work time). She is getting bigger and more vocal everyday and when we had her first playdate a few weeks ago, I felt that little tinge in my chest that made me a bit sad that my youngest is no longer a baby. I feel truly blessed that I am here to experience these moments with my girls even though some areas of my worklife have suffered.

I look forward to once again sharing my stories, ideas and tips. We've had a busy few months but this means I have LOTS to share.

Thanks for staying with us and get ready for some fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Surviving Summer: Barely

Summer is almost over and I have survived, but just barely. I can only thank my own organizational skills for helping me juggle the summer schedule (or lack thereof) of my girls along with Glow Baby.

This summer was particularly challenging for a number of reasons. We have just launched two new products: My Story and The Organized Family Menu Planner and with a product launch comes what seems like a never ending list of things to do. Add to that my Husband getting a well-deserved promotion that reduces his flex-time and the beginning prep of getting ready to sell our house and it is a bit chaotic over here.

What is getting me through these many changes are sticking to what schedules we have and embracing them. I am continuing to menu plan which for a mere 20 minutes each week, I think about what I am feeding the family and then I don't think about it for the rest of the week. I have called in reinforcements and thankfully have extended family who can come in an pinch hit when I need them. It's tough but I am also needing to schedule small things like accounting and bill paying on my calendar to make sure it gets done. By taking a bit of time to plan out what needs to be done during the week for running out household and Glow Baby, I am able to make sure I am using my time wisely.

I am definitely missing some down time right now, but when school starts in the fall and we have a definite schedule each week, I am hoping things feel a bit more manageable. I know right now that I am doing what I can so I've let myself off the hook for all those things that aren't getting done as often as I'd like. Like gardening and tidying. An overgrown garden isn't that bad is it?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Am Guilty Of Neglecting My Blog

With all of the other things that I have to do to run Glow Baby on a daily basis, I have been neglecting the blog. I feel guilty, everyday, but in terms of priorities the blog always seems to come last on my list. When you add the summer into the mix, there is just not enough hours in the day!

The summer is causing some problems as I definitley do not have as much time to dedicate to the business as I usually do during the school year. I wish I had more time to devote to all aspects of my business including this blog but sometimes, something has to give.

I wish I had more time to write. There are often discussions and events that when I hear of them, I think "Oh, that would be great to share on the blog" and then life happens and the idea is gone.

I will do my best to continue to update this blog, but this summer my posts may be sporadic at best. Come the fall, when we are in a solid routine, I am sure that I will be back on track.

Thanks for sticking with me.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Beading Buds Giveaway

I recently came across Beading Buds and thought that this was a great option for Ainsley's next birthday party. She loves making jewellery and this company helps make this activity easy!

Beading Buds is a GTA based jewelry making birthday party
entertainment service that comes to your home (or venue of choice) to
help your child and their guests create beautiful one-of-a-kind

As the host, you relax and the party while the beading instructors
entertain the children for you. The children make beautiful pieces of
one-of-a-kind jewlery that your guests happily take home, and this
becomes an environmentally friendly loot bag alternative to replace
the generic loot bags filled with candy and plastic toys. Beading
Buds parties also include customized electronic invitations, jewelry
pouches for all the guests and free earrings and a princess tiara for
the birthday girl.

What I like about Beading Buds is that while the children are having a
fun time making beautiful jewelry, the party encourages creative
interest and helps to build on a variety of skills important for a
child’s development. It is also great fun and the children leave with an item they have
made themself.

Perfect for ages 4 and up, Beading Buds customizes each party based on
the age and amount of the children attending. They even have fun
beading activities for boys, because boys love beading too.

Beading Buds specializes in children's birthday parties but has
recently expanded their services to cater to corporate events,
bachelorette parties, bridal showers and adult birthday parties.

Visit their website ( or facebook page
( for more information and photos
from past parties.

Beading Buds is located in Peel but travels to Hamilton, Guelph,
Georgetown, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Port Credit,
Streetsville, Brampton, Etobicoke,Toronto, North York, Vaughan,
Woodbridge, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Newmarket.

Beading Buds has donated a pair of Swarovski crystal pearl earrings
for one lucky reader. To All you have to do is visit the Beading Buds
Facebook Page – click LIKE! and leave a comment on this blog post.

All posts will then be entered into a draw to win the earrings. The
contest closes on Friday June 10th at 8pm EST and the winner will be announced on Saturday June 11th, right here on our blog!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I hate Silly Bandz

I hate Silly Bandz. It is amazing that a small rubber band can generate such a strong emotion. Since the first time I heard about these things, I have disliked them immensley. I have not menitoned them to my daughters and am lucky that they are young enough to have not been introduced to them by their peer group. I have been dreading Ainsley's start of Kindergarten next year, in part because of her inevitable introduction to these bands.

Initially my dislike was because I could see what would happen if the girls started bringing these things home. There would be silly bandz everywhere in our house. I would find them in my bed, my purse, my drawers, on the floor, on countertops. The silly bandz would be everywhere. I envision my days spent picking up the bandz that I have stepped on and I really do not want to have to deal with these things all the time.

Yeseterday I went out for breakfast with a girl friend who told me a story that now has given me a more official and understandable reason to ban silly bandz from my house. Her daughter woke up in the middle of the night crying and complaining that her legs hurt. It turns out that she had put the silly bandz around her thigs and they were cutting off the circulation to the rest of her leg. If she had not told her mom that she was wearing silly bandz under her pyjama pants, who knows what would have happened but the implications are pretty serious.

The thought of these things potentially harming my child, in addition to being just plain annoying, has made me realize that we will not be a silly bandz household. I really hope that this craze has ended before September because for now, I have not had to fight this battle.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan - May 23rd to May 29

Below is this week's menu plan. All recipes are from Rose Reisman's cookbook "Family Favourites".

Tip: When planning your weekly meals, take note of which recipes need to be made in advance. Some recipes require refridgeration or marination before completing.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Girls Day Out

A few weeks ago I got to spend the whole weekend alone with my youngest, Juliet. She is almost 2 1/2 which meant that she was finally old enough to have a girls day out with her mom. I planned a super-special day for us and we both had a wonderful time.

We started out going to music class where we got cookies afterwards (lucky girl).

Then we headed home for a nap (busy day needs meant we needed a well-rested mommy and daughter). Then we went off to Vaughan Mills to Build-A-Bear. Juliet had a great time picking her bear, stuffing the bear and then choosing the outfit.

We then took a quick trip to Homesense to get hangars for her closet. A chore I know but she had a great time anyway.

We then headed over to Boston Pizza for dinner.

Juliet did not want to leave. I did not want the day to end. It was so much fun for both of us. It's always nice to have a day alone with each of my girls so they can have my undivided attention.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Menu Plan - May 16 - May 22

Okay, the week is almost half way over but I will post this week's menu plan. I promise to try and post next week's sooner!

So far the recipe's from Rose Reisman's "Secrets for Permanent WEight Loss" have been wonderful. I made the mashed cauliflower tonight for us and my brother and he could not believe it was cauliflower and there was no dairy in it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Next Week's Menu Plan

Okay, it is time to bite the bullet and start eating healthy before swim suit season starts! Luckily, I have just received and advanced copy of "The Organized Family Menu Planner" and can do it right! Below is my plan for next week. Now I just have to stick with it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekly Menu Plan

If you've read any of my previous posts, you would know that every week I do our family menu plan. I've decided to go ahead and post what I plan each week as I've had a number of people ask me what we're having for dinner and it's always nice to see what other families are eating. I love sharing food ideas and love experimenting so I hope my posts will inspire your meal planning.

This weeks meals include:

Monday - Tomato, green onion and cheese omletes with Seafood Soup. The omelete is from scratch and the soup is a frozen President's choice meal.

Tuesday - Crunchy Cheddar Fish Strips and Seared, Steamed and Glazed Green Beans. Both recipes are from Marlene Koch's "Eat What You Love" Cookbook

Wednesday - Garlic Lime Chicken and Curried Cabbage. Both recipes are also from "Eat What You Love"

Thursday - Smothered Steak Burgers with Mushroom Gravy and Quick "Pickle" Chips. Also from "Eat What You Love"

Friday - Stir-Fried Vegetables with Udon Noodles. I like to make this from scratch and throw any left over vegetables into the wok along with the Udon noodles and soya sauce or teriyaki.

Saturday - Tuna Noodle Casserole from "Eat What You Love"

Sunday - Mother's Day. Menu is not my responsibility today.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My love for throwing Dinner Parties

Now that the girls are getting older, I am much more comfortable sending them over to my parents and in-laws for a sleepover. What this means for us, in addition to a sleep in, is that we can finally start hosting dinner parties again.

Pre-motherhood, I used to love hosting dinner parties. I love the whole ritual of planning the menu and then getting flowers and other specials touches to accent the evening. What I love most about dinner parties is the adult conversation, good food and wine.

We recently hosted a dinner party for some friends, one of which I went to high-school with who I re-connected with after Ainsley was born. This particular couple had no allergies or food-dislikes so I was able to go outside of my regular cooking comfort zone and planned an Israeli themed dinner.

Bonnie Stern has put together a fabulous book called Friday Night Dinners where she maps out the perfect menu for a many number of dinners such as Israeli, Greek, Passover, etc. This book is great because it saves you the guess work if you want to try a different type of cuisine. Her menus includes everything starting with drinks, appetizers, salad, main course and ends with dessert.

For our Israeli themed dinner, we started the night with Pomtinis (Pomegranate martinis), then had lamb/beef kebobs on cinnamon sticks. We had left-overs of these and the girls loved eating their "mini-burgers" on sticks.

Our main meal consisted of a Chicken Tagine, couscous, salad and the most AMAZING grilled eggplant with Tahine. I was blown away by the recipes (especially the eggplant recipe, which I have since made three more times). The food was outstanding and the whole meal was pretty easy to cook.

I cannot wait to plan our next dinner party! In the meantime, my family will be happy as I try out more new recipes from this cookbook. Yum!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stroller Dilemma: Solved

I have finally found the time to sit down and write the conclusion to last week's post about trying to find a double stroller. The day after I wrote the post, I was ready to give up. I was mentally preparing myself to give up my dream of a double side-by-side stroller and was trying to convince myself that that 4 block walk to the park was sufficient exercise.

Thursday morning I went to my osteopath on St. Clair and just before leaving saw an email from Moms To Be and More letting me know that their As Is store was having a tax free event from that Thurs to Sat. My first thought was, oh maybe I could get a stroller there. Then I thought, but what are the chances they would have a double stroller let alone a BOB. So I went to my appointment during which I thought about a stroller (yes, I can be a bit obsessive)and then I decided that since I was in the neighbourhood, I might as well check the store (if I didn't it probably would haunt me).

SO off we trekked to the store and as I was pulling up to park, I saw the moms to be truck unloading boxes which looked like they had the BOB logo on the side. I tamped down my excitement because what are the chances that they would have the BOB DUallie in stock at the AS is store. We walked in the doors and there it was, a BOB Duallie! Turns out, they had 5 BOB strollers that had literally just arrived minutes before we had. They were $200 off the regular $649 and there was no tax.

By taking the chance and checking out the store, I had saved $250 (if you include the tax) and gotten the stroller I wanted. I think it was fate. The stroller gods were feeling sorry for me and decided to give me a break.

Now I just have to wait for a day that's not freezing and raining and I will get to use it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stroller Dilemma

I have a dilemma. While the girls are getting too old for a stroller, I am determined to get more exercise this spring and the only way I can fit it into my schedule is to walk the girls to school. This would give me a good hour long walk (total walk both ways) and for one of those ways, I would be pushing an extra 65 lbs.

The dilemma is that we have just about outgrown our Phil and Ted's double and so we need to purchase a side-by-side jogger to accommodate our growing children. The dilemma is that it is physically hurting me at the thought of spending upwards of $600 for a stroller. I have done some research and feel that the BOB Revolution is our best option. It is sturdy and has gotten rave reviews from the parents I have spoken to. It is, however, $659. This is not a purchase to be made lightly.

I was actually at the store this morning looking at it and the thought of actually spending this much money is tying my stomach into knots. I have been wracking my brain about how I can make our Phil and Ted's work (don't know how I can do this seeing as there is a weight limit and we are a few pounds shy of it). I have been trying to find other exercise options to no avail. I am now trying to convince myself that $659 is well worth having a healthier me.

I think I am going to have to sit with this idea of spending this much for a bit and see if gets any easier to swallow. I think I am partly torn as well because I would rather spend this money on a tablet.

I just wish stroller were less expensive. Oh, and I have been on Kijiji and Craig's List every day with no sign of a BOB for sale yet! I will continue to look but have a feeling that buying a new one is our only option.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping the magic when your child is a realist

What I love about childhood is the magical quality. Everything is new and mysterious. Unicorns, fairies, mermaids and other magical creatures are still a possibility and there are no limits to the imagination. While my eldest has embraced some aspects of fantasy, she is also a realist.

Recently Ainsley has been complaining that Juliet has been waking her up in the morning. Juliet will go into Ainsley's room when she wakes up and will wake Ainsley up so they can play together. Really cute, but Ainsley is not getting enough sleep. So I told Ainsley that I would put a magic spell on her door so that Juliet won't be able to come into her room in the morning. In other words, I locked the door.

Well, Ainsley used the potty at some point in the night which unlocked the door so Juliet was able to get in and wake her up in the morning. This is the conversation that ensued:

Ainsley: Mommy, Juliet woke me up again. The spell didn't work.
Me: Well, I will have to put another spell on your door tonight.
Ainsley: No mommy. You should just use a key.

Well, didn't I feel silly. As hard as I try to keep it magical, it seems that Ainsley will keep me grounded.

How do you keep things magical for your children?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Favourite Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3!!!

As a child I never understood why my parent's weren't as keen on March Break as I was. Now with the tables turned, I totally get it. March Break adds to my job description, Event Coordinator. I need to be extra creative this week to keep the girls busy and I have my own personal pressure to make it 'special'! I was super excited to have the opportunity to take the girls to see Disney on Ice on Tuesday and even more excited to find out it was for Toy Story 3!

From beginning to end Toy Story 3 was a lot of fun. Great music added to the story that was told. They did a really great job of meshing some stories from Toy Story and Toy Story 2 with Toy Story 3. All the characters were there: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr & Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky, Lotso, Jessie and Bullseye were among the cast. We even had a short visit with Mickey, Minnie, and Daffy.

Our absolute favourite part was when Barbie arrived on stage to the song "Barbie Girl". What an entrance! Not only did Barbie and her clones do her own dance, but the romance between Ken and Barbie was touched on and Ken did his famous fashion show from Toy Story 3. What more can a girl ask for!

The show ends March 20th so there is still time! Use the code BLOG to receive $5 off your tickets.

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 is my favourite on Ice production to date and look forward to future shows!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 Giveaway WINNER

Congratulations to H. Posgate for winning four tickets to see the show!

If you are thinking of buying tickets, don't forget to use the code BLOG to receive $5 off tickets to the show.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snip Snip

I'm sure that pretty much everyone has had a hair trauma in their lives. I've had a few. From seriously crooked bangs to a bad Sun-In experience, we all take a mini leap-of-faith when we step into the hairdressers's chair.

I do love getting my hair cut. I love the freshness and the instant change that comes from a hair cut. I will try anything once and usually tell my hair dresser that "I am in their hands". When it comes to the girls, I am definitely more attached to their hair than I am to my own. Intellectually I know it will grow back and it's only hair. However, when they sit in the hair dresser's chair I have to tamp down my urge to yell "Stop the cutting!" Think of a scene from "What Not To Wear" when the person getting the make-over has a total meltdown before finally accepting that they must cut their four foot long rats nest.

I am not sure why I have this reaction to the cutting of my daughter's hair. I really don't know why the momster in me rears its ugly head at this particular event. It's a good thing the girls are not old enough to want a tattoo as I may just have to lock them in their room to keep them from marring their beautiful skin.

So, at each hair dressing appointment, I tamp down my crazy inner-voice, smile and encourage the girls to have the fun the I have when I change my hair. I want to pass down the freedom that change can give them and the artistic expression one can have with their hair. I think I have done an admirable job as you can see from the pics taken yesterday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 Giveaway

It's giveaway time again! We have 4 tickets to Toronto's Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 to give away for one of the following dates:

March 15 7pm

March 16 7pm

March 17 7pm

All you need to do to enter is to leave a comment on the blog telling me what your children's favourite Toy Story 3 character is. Please also include your email address so I can contact the winner.

Good luck!
If you don't want to leave it to chance, you can purchase your tickets at

and use code BLOG to receive $5 off.

Giveaway ends Feb 28th.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Social Media Family?

As my daughters grow older, I have begun to think a lot about our world and how it has embraced social media and what that means for my girls and our family.

I have embraced the social media trend, I am on facebook, twitter, linked In and have a You Tube Channel. I am very active on all these mediums and have realized the benefits one has in being a part of this social revolution. But what does this mean for my kids? Ainsley is almost four and has yet to play a video game or truly interact in an electronic medium. We have watched You Tube videos together but that is the extent of her computer exposure.

I was invited to attend a conference session yesterday on Social Media and the Family. It really got me thinking about how important technology is to our society and the benefits of being plugged in. It changed my thinking from how long can I keep the electronic world from my children to the thought that perhaps I am doing them a disservice from not exposing them to this world at an early age so that they can develop the necessary skills to thrive in our highly technology based world.

So how does one introduce their children to computers? Well, on twitter (fitting) Maria Pilar-Clark from @mariapilarclark who writes for Chicago Parent tweeted this morning that VTech was coming out with a tablet for kids. How timely is this? So I went on their website and am pretty excited about this product. The article about it is below


I am hoping this is available in time for Ainsley's birthday next month. I think that as I have fully embraced computers and social media, that it is time to let this filter down to my eldest and see where that leads us.

I will still not be registering a domain in their name (yes, apparently some parents do this at their child's birth) nor will I be opening a facebook or twitter account for them. I think that when they are old enough to want to do this, then we will have the conversation about internet etiquette and hopefully they will want to be my friend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping Snack Time Interesting

When it comes to food, I like to keep things interesting. I like to try new foods and flavours all the time to offer my girls a wide variety of tastes and at to keep from getting bored of cooking the same old thing. I struggle with keeping snack time interesting though.

Snack time is unique in that the food consumed needs to be quick and easy and sometimes portable. Add healthy into the mix and things get tricky. While my girls would be happy if they could just eat crackers at every snack, I try and push the fruits and veggies at each snack time.

I was recently introduced to Baby Gourmet. It was recommended by a friend and then I was contacted to try it by the company and see how we liked it. While it is geared towards younger children I thought I'd give it a try as the girls like applesauce, it is healthy and it is easy to take on the go.

I was very excited to receive our box and even more excited when I saw the flavours they had sent us. With flavours such as Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, Tropical Banana Bliss and Sweet Potato Pie my mouth started watering! I opened up the Apple Crisp one first and was delighted to find that it actually tasted like Apple Crisp and had the texture of Apple Sauce. It was a hit with the girls! Juliet liked eating it out of a bowl with a spoon and Ainsley enjoyed eating it directly out of the spout! Yay, we can add a new portable snack item to the list!

Even the vegetable fruit combos were very well received and of course had to taste it and it was blended very well. These are also great to add to smoothies or yogurt for great flavour and to up my veggie and fruit intake.

Overall, I was very happy with the product and the packaging was great! I am excited to have a new healthy snack option to offer my kids.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cleaning up the Linen Closet

When we were away on our vacation in December we had Brett's brother Sean do a few things in our house. One of the tasks we had him do was to rip out our old linen closet that had drawers that did not slide properly and install a new shelving system.

When we got back from Cuba before I had a chance to put all our linens back properly, I got sick so Brett put everything back in the cupboard in a haphazard way as you can see below.

It was not too pretty and it was hard to find things. This past weekend I had had enough (and I had time)so I got to work tidying up the cupboard. It actually did not take very long to get everything back in its place. Now it is easy to find what we need and it looks much nicer. This is especially important as we don't have our new closet doors installed yet. Here is a picture of our newly tidied linen closet.

I am looking forward to the installation of the new doors and for now, the closet is off limits to all but me!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3!!!

I am very excited to be taking the girls to see Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3! I took Ainsley to see the movie this past summer and she loved it! Any time she sees a picture of any of the characters she gets excited. I enjoyed the movie. Especially the Ken Fashion show!

I love taking the girls to shows as each one is a new experience which feeds their imagination. Below is some information about the show and what we will be seeing:

The summer’s biggest hit movie, Toy Story 3 and famed moments from Toy Story and Toy Story 2are hitting the ice in this sensational live production coming to Toronto!

Catch all the heroic action when Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and the Toy Story gang escape from the rambunctious Sunnyside Daycare tots and hit the ice, in their most daring adventure ever, introducing Barbie’s groovy bachelor Ken and Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear. It’s the biggest Toy Story experience on ice, jam-packed with fast paced adventure including Buzz’s galactic battle with Emperor Zurg and a hoe down on the set of Woody’s Roundup.

Rediscover the humor, friendship and unique toy ingenuity when Disney On Ice presents Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 takes family fun to infinity and beyond!

I have another discount code to share with you! Use the code BLOG to receive $5 off your tickets.

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Mess That Just Won't Go Away: Part II

I wanted to include some pictures of what the room looks like everynight for about a minute before it is torn apart again.