Me and my girls

Me and my girls

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Product Spotlight - Medicine Pad

This holiday I was unfortunate enough to get my tonsils out. It has been a long time coming and I was supposed to get them out over a decade ago but I couldn't find the time and my tonsils started behaving again. Since having children, I've been getting strep throat almost monthly so I finally decided it was time.

I have been using my medicine pad for the antibiotics I had been using for my strep throat but I was so glad that I had this tool for the medications I had to take after my surgery. I was on two different pain killers and anti-nausea medication. Since I couldn't swallow any of my medications I was using children's tylenol and children's gravol. As I wasn't quite with it, my husband was nice enough to convert the dosage amount for the children's formats to what I would need as an adult and we wrote it down on the medication pad. Thankfully we did this as I did not have the brain power to do this calculation every time I took my medication.

Now the real beauty of these pads became evident as I was taking 3 medications at once and each one had a different timing. By writing down when I took my medication it made it really easy to keep on top of my pain managment and at the same time ensure that I was not over-medicating myself.

I am very happy to have finally been able to create this product as it has been in my head for awhile. You can check these pads out on the Glow Baby website at

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